WYBOT C1 Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner Vacuum with APP

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  • Comprehensive cleaning- floors, walls, waterline, step and slope cleaning with the advanced Freesuction 3.0 technology, suitable for various materials (including tiles)
  • Ideal Pool Size-Max. 150㎡
    ,providing up to 120-150 minutes of continuous run time
  • Choose Your Want-4 Cleaning modes(full/floor/wall/wall than floor) and 2 path panning(“S”/“N”) with WYBOT APP
  • Cycle Timer-Specify the frequency, up 4 times 7 days
  • Efficient Cleaning- With triple-motor power and Extra floating parts
  • Easy to Retrieve-Built in Intelligent self-parking system. Yellow light flashing, automatic docking at pool wall
  • Hassle-Free Service Guarantee-30-day return period and 2-year warranty
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  • Not just appearance: Full upgrade from the inside out. 50W→65W motor iteration, more powerful and cleaner; New infrared sensor, recognizing underwater obstacles with ease, no longer making silly mistakes to be trapped; 4hr→2.5hr charging time reduces, and efficiency has increased by 37.5%, allowing you to enjoy the cleaning fun faster!
  • Mode selection, One Button: While other machines can only execute default settings, it's already providing button-switchable cleaning modes for you. Press it gently with your finger and the indicator light will show you the pool area it will clean. Of course you can also switch via the app —— Button or APP, you have the right to choose what you prefer.
  • Why you need APP: Cause it tailors cleaning just for you. You can have it clean just the floors, just the walls, or the full pool. Plus, with the time cycle feature, you can set up regular cleanings as per your needs. What's even better? We're constantly updating algorithms through the app, offering ongoing OTA upgrades for your machine. It's all about making your cleaning experience personal, convenient, and ahead of the curve—something other machines just can't match.
  • Unrivaled Cleaning Power: Imagine our robot as a mighty hurricane, armed with a potent 65W motor that effortlessly sweeps away pool debris, grime, and leaves. Its roller brush, crafted from high-quality PVC material, easily wipes away waterline stains, standing up to wear and corrosion with ease.Its battery, designed with a unique 25.9V voltage, provides both energy efficiency and sustained cleaning power for up to 150 minutes.Say hello to your gleaming, pristine 1614 square foot pool!
  • All Types of Pools: No matter your pool type—inground, above-ground, or other—our machine is ready. Its powerful cleaning ability and intelligent design make it the ideal choice for any pool. No matter it's tile, concrete, or fiberglass, our machine performs excellently on various pool wall materials. No matter how many obstacles your pool may have, it can navigate them perfectly. Make our machine your trusted assistant for pool cleaning today.
  • Hassle-free service: As a professional pool cleaner manufacturer, we not only offer a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return period, but also provide lifetime remote firmware upgrade service. We guarantee you'll have ample time to fall in love with this product.

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Tech Specs






Why does water appear inside the product packaging?

Each unit undergoes meticulous underwater testing before packaging to ensure optimal performance upon delivery. Minor dampness or water stains on the machine are considered normal.

What should I do if the robot does not climb the walls?

Check for obstructions, ensure the surfaces are not too slippery, and refer to the troubleshooting section.

Is there a way to extand the battery life of the robot?

Proper maintenance, such as regular cleaning of the filter basket and avoiding full discharge, can help extend battery life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Candice Skinner
Excellent cleaner for the money

Only had this little guy a week, but so far so good. Runs as advertised, has the same tracks and cleaning system as its bigger brothers and for my smaller 35 foot pool it has plenty of runtime. I have a sit-up bar and the cleaner manages to work around all of the stools as it’s not as big as some of the other machines. It even comes right to the top of the water line and gets the tiles pretty clean as well. As I said so far this selection has proved the perfect fit

Candice Skinner
Fantastic pool vacuum

Instructions were easy for setup. I charged it, put it in the pool and it started climbing the walls. When it finished, It was easy to remove from pool. I took the filter out and couldn’t believe how it picked up the most minute dirt. Love it! Highly recommend.

Candice Skinner
Great pool cleaner

This pool cleaner is awesome! It's so easy to use and does a great job! No more tangled hoses and missed spots. This cleaner is so simple and goes methodically over the whole pool, even the sides! Then somehow parks itself right by the edge for easy removal. Great value for the price! Highly recommend this item!

Candice Skinner
4.0 out of 5 stars Good performance at a decent price (see details). Recommended

I got the WYBOT Osprey 700 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner to work within a 18' circular above-ground pool. I'd previously tried a FIILPOW Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, but I didn't have good luck with that unit. My hope was that the WYBOT would be an improvement.

First impressions were good, as the unit seems to have solid build quality. My hope is that it's durable and reliable enough to last for several years, at which point it will be a matter of seeing about replacing the internal battery. I'll update this review if I run into longevity issues.

In operation, the cleaner certainly seemed to work pretty well. That said, it's not really all apparent that this unit has ANY built-in mapping or path planning. It doesn't really appear that this thing operates on any strategy other than bump-and-go. Fortunately, this vacuum is pretty effective at collecting and retaining debris. Performance with silt-y type debris isn't as good as it is with leaves, but it's still better than I expected. Battery life is more than adequate for my ~250 sqft pool. The hook is a nice touch, as one of the problems with my old pool robot was having to recover it with a net (or worse yet, go in after it).

The WYBOT is operating in a very densely populated market segment, and I think it's probably hard to compare different robots on the basis of anything but price. That said, the WYBOT combines good performance with decent pricing. I'll change my rating and update this review if I run into issues of any kind. Recommended

Candice Skinner
It really does climb the walls

I am quite impressed with this little robot, I was skeptical that it would actually clean the walls, but it does climb up the walls right to the top of the waterline. The battery lasts about two hours on a full charge, and it did a decent job of covering the entire pool (36' x 16'), gathering all the organic material and dirt. After it finishes cleaning, it roams over to the edge of the pool before it dies, so it is easy to retrieve with the included hook that mounts to any standard pool accessory pole. Cleaning the basket is straight forward, just pop open the lid and pull the basket out, rinse, and drop back in. Charging a dead battery takes about 4 or 5 hours, I didn't time it precisely, but it seems reasonable.

I've used Barracuda suction-side cleaners for 15 years, and I always despised the hose runnning across the pool, the pipe always got tangled and the sucker tends to work in a limited area, usually missing the corners. Trapping all the leaf matter and dirt into the filter was also a pain, having to continuously backwash the filter and clean out the pump trap. Now I just drop the Wybot robot into the pool in the morning, once a week, and it traps the leaves and dirt onboard rather than into the pump filter, so I don't have to backwash as often. It also got right into the corners with no problem. I recommend you run it with the pumps turned off so waterflow will not interfere with it, although I have done it both ways without any perceivable issues. The one complaint, although not a big deal, is when you pull the robot out of the water if you don't level it quickly some of the dirt tends to drip out into the pool, so when you retrieve it, pull it up onto the deck upright quickly, and let it drain.

The price seems fair for something this useful and sophisticated, especially compared to the pricing of some of the suction cleaners. This is the smarter way to clean your pool.