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Why is the machine I received wet? Has it been used by someone else?

The machine you received is brand new. Our machines undergo a pool test before leaving the factory to ensure that they function properly. Sometimes, during this test, a small amount of water may get inside the machine which can cause the machine to feel wet. However, you can rest assured that the machine has not been used by anyone else.

How Do Pool Vacuum Robots Work?

These vacuum cleaners use their onboard filtration and power supply to clean your pool. Some cleaners are cordless, while others have cords. Once you place your vacuum in the pool, it travels on the pool’s bottom and its walls to collect debris and clean the entire area. 

How long do pool vacuum robots last?

Since these vacuum cleaners are made from various electronics and parts, their lifespan depends on maintenance and the frequency of use. But on average, these machines can easily last up to five years, provided you clean them after every session. 

How often should I clean my pool?

This depends on how much debris has accumulated in your pool. A general guideline is to run it once or twice a week.

How do I clean the robotic pool cleaner?

To clean the robotic pool cleaner, you should remove and rinse the filter, brushes, and any other removable parts after each use. It is also recommended to deep clean the cleaner every few months.

Will my WYBOT work in a salt water swimming pool?

Yes, our WYBOT robots can be used in saltwater pools.

Overtime the saltwater can cause premature wear and tear to the robot's wearable components, therefore we recommend rinsing the robot with sweet water (tap water) after each cycle.

For optimal use and maintenance, the salinity levels should not be above 4,000 P.P.M.

Why can't the cleaner be charged on a covered outdoor deck?

We do not recommend charging the device outdoors due to the risk of battery catching fire caused by sun exposure. Although the deck may be covered, there are still restrictions on the temperature range for outdoor charging. We advise against general consumers charging the device outdoors.

In some areas, especially in hot and humid climates, outdoor charging may be more dangerous. Therefore, we recommend users to charge the device indoors and avoid exposing it to sunlight or high-temperature environments. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

How to Use

How to install the floating block accessory that comes with the robot?

Please install according to the steps in the video (Click on the product model):

WYBOT C1 (We recommend users with tiled surfaces to use float blocks)

WYBOT C1 PRO & C1 Max (We recommend users with tiled surfaces to use float blocks)



How to install weight blocks?

Please install according to the steps in the video (Click on the product model):



The buzzer does not beep, or the impeller does not work when the cleaner is out of water.

Possible Reasons:
* Battery level is low. - Recharge the battery.
* Internal fault - Call customer service.


When the robot is already working underwater, I tried to change the mode with the app, but it doesn't seem to work?

Please note that due to possible signal loss underwater, changing the mode with the app while the robot is already working underwater may not work as expected. To avoid this issue, we recommend that you first connect the pool robot to the app while it is onshore, set the cleaning mode, and then put it into the pool for cleaning. This will ensure that the robot works as intended and you can enjoy a clean and sparkling pool.

Unable to register and log in to the app?

1. Check your network connection.
2. Check the error message displayed by the app. If it says you have already registered, try logging in directly. If it says the password is incorrect, try resetting your password.

After registering, unable to find the device?

1. Check if your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.
2. Check if the app has the correct permissions.
For iPhone: Go to Settings->WYBOT->Bluetooth
For Android: Go to Settings->App Management->WYBOT->Bluetooth
3. Check if the device is powered on.
4. Try with another phone.

Unable to set the device mode?

1. Confirm that the machine is turned on.
2. If the machine is battery-powered, make sure it is on shore and not in the water.

How to change the temperature unit?

Click on the device page, click on the device avatar, and select Celsius or Fahrenheit.

How to update the firmware?

Turn on the pool cleaning device, make sure it is connected to the Wi-Fi network and can access the internet, and open the app. Wait for 1 minute. There will be an update prompt on the device page. Enter the page and click on the update. The device will automatically update to the latest version.



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