World's First Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner


In 2005, WYBOT Accessed to the Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot Industry. WYBOT has been developing and producing swimming pool cleaning robots since 2005, in order to make it simple, efficient and low-cost to clean the swimming pool, so that those who like to play in the clear swimming pool can test the water quality, kill algae, clean the walls and water surface and suck the dust in the water without doing heavy labor or spending a lot of time every day, thus avoiding such problems as green water, muddy water, dirty filters, etc.

During the in-depth development of the swimming pool robot industry for nearly 20 years, WYBOT team, upholding the concept of craftsmanship and technological innovation all along, has established a R&D laboratory with the highest technology and the most creative designers worldwide, bringing together professionals with plenty of theoretical and practical experience in mechanical design, electrical design, software design, algorithm as well as other fields and launching several generations of highly efficient, convenient and intelligent swimming pool cleaning robots, serving millions of users in all countries/regions throughout the world and leading and facilitating several changes in the industry.


"WYBOT" means "happy life in swimming pool is accompanied by water, you and robots". It has inherited the profound technical heritage of nearly 20 years and is developing in the direction of higher intelligence. Besides, it has created such industry-leading highly intelligent technologies as multi-sensor fusion algorithm, solar charging, wifi remote cloud control, and remote upgrade, so that the robot can calmly cope with more scenes and more complex terrains, making it more low-carbon and efficient to clean swimming pools. With WYBOT, you can have a deeper experience of the changes in life incurred about by smart technology, spend more time swimming and enjoy the swimming pool, enjoy the pleasures brought by clear water, and clean the pool with less time and cost.

Brand Values

Intelligence, innovation, high standard and energy conservation

Brand Vision

Continuous innovation, global excellence

Brand Mission

Change life by virtue of intelligent technology, and facilitate intelligent and senseless trend of swimming pool cleaning.