"Revolutionize Your Pool Cleaning Routine with the Osprey 700 Max"

"Revolutionize Your Pool Cleaning Routine with the Osprey 700 Max"



Tired of cleaning your pool? Consider the Osprey 700 Max, a cordless pool cleaner that saves time and effort while leaving your pool spotless. This article will explore its excellent features, including wall climbing, floor cleaning, and waterline scrubbing.

Cordless Pool Cleaner

The cordless pool cleaner eradicates the risk of wire tangles. You can leave the cleaner in the water and attend to other tasks instead of monitoring it throughout the work cycle. As for the work cycle duration, many have concerns about its length. However, the Osprey 700 Max is capable of operating for approximately 165-180 minutes, reducing the need for frequent charging.

Wall Climbing: High Reach

Unlike traditional pool cleaners, the Osprey 700 Max easily climbs walls. Its strong suction and brushes clean every corner, removing dirt from your pool walls. Say hello to a cleaner pool!

Pool Floor: Precise Cleaning

The Osprey 700 Max cleans the pool floor efficiently. With advanced sensors for navigation, it utilizes strong suction and innovative brushes to remove even the tiniest dirt particles, such as hair and sand. It can also handle larger debris like leaves and stones. This cleaner works great on tiles, concrete, cement, mosaic, or vinyl pools.

Waterline Scrubbing: Complete Cleaning

The Osprey 700 Max also focuses on the waterline, a common area for dirt build-up. Its special brushes and robust suction clean every inch of the waterline, leaving your pool looking clean and inviting.

APP Control

The Osprey 700 Max is designed to be operated via its accompanying app. This app allows you to choose a cleaning mode that best fits your needs. By default, the Osprey 700 Max is programmed to clean the walls for the first 30 minutes and then clean the rest of the pool for the remaining duration. However, you can select other cleaning modes such as wall only, floor only, waterline only, or combination of modes.

Consistent Customer Services

We provide a 30-day free return policy. If you're not satisfied with the cleaner during this period, you're eligible to return it and get a full refund. The cleaner also includes a 2-year warranty. Within this time frame, our customer service team is ready to provide repair and exchange services. Moreover, our tech team continuously works on app enhancements.


If pool cleaning is consuming too much of your time, the Osprey 700 Max is worth considering. It efficiently climbs walls, cleans floors, and scrubs the waterline. Relax and let the Osprey 700 Max do the work, allowing you to enjoy a clean pool all season. Say goodbye to hassle-filled pool cleaning!