WYBOT Osprey 700 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Comprehensive Cleaning - Thoroughly cleans floors, walls, and waterline
  • Enhanced Suction Power - More powerful suction for efficient and effective cleaning
  • Extended Battery Life and Quick Charging
  • Smart Path Planning - Intelligent navigation ensures thorough and systematic cleaning
  • Convenient Self-Parking Technology - Easily retrievable after cleaning.Yellow light flashing, automatic docking at pool wall
  • Reliable Customer Service - Hassle-free and dependable service for peace of mind
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Clean the Floors, Walls, Waterline: Designed with specialized flexible scrubbing brushes and a four-wheel drive system that enable it to climb and clean the walls and floors of a swimming pool with effectiveness, leaving the pool sparkling.

Increased Suction Power: Featuring triple-motor with powerful suction that allows it to pick up sand, dirt, leaves or twigs, dust, and debris from a variety of pool surfaces. With a width suction mouth, it can also pick up larger debris more efficiently, reducing the need for multiple passes. Saves time and effort.

Long Battery Life and Rapid Charging: Easy to use, simply click the button, drop and go. Osprey 700 Cordless Pool Cleaner equipped with a best-in-class 8800 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 110 minutes of continuous run time, making it perfect for in-ground pools up to 60 feet and charges fully in about 3.5 hours with quick charger including.

Intelligent Path Planning & Maximum Coverage: Offering two types of path planning- an A-star path, and a regular wall-climbing path. Equipped with advanced sensors and gyroscopes, this robotic pool cleaner maps and navigates the pool with unmatched precision, resulting in methodical coverage with fewer missed spots.

Worry-Free Service: As a professional pool cleaner manufacturer, we guarantee you not only a 2-year warranty, but also a 30-day return period, giving you plenty of time to study it and verify it.

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Systematic Cleaning

Features Heavy-duty scrubbing brushes &Ultra Powerful Triple Motor to provide extreme cleaning power. Automatically traps dirt and debris from the pool floor, wall and waterline.

Ready for Cleaning

Red indicator light on Charger = Charging.
Green indicator light on Charger = Charging Completed
1)Make sure the cleaner is powered off (no indicator flashes) & charging port is dry.
2) Charge the cleaner indoor and at least 3m (appr. 10ft) from the edge of the pool for charging.

Cleaning Process for Osprey700 Wall Climb Pool Robot

Step 1: Detect the size and shape of the pool(also clean the bottom of the pool).
Step 2: Start cleaning the walls and waterline for 15 minutes.
Step 3: With advanced sensors, the pool robot cleans the bottom of the pool using a star path method.

Tech Specs






Does it have indicators?

It has a led indicator on the head. When the light is blue, that means it is working and everything is normal. When the light is yellow, that means it needs to be charged. When the light is red, that means the machine has been turned off.

Why is the machine I received wet? Is this a used product?

Rest assured that we test every unit underwater before packaging to ensure it works properly before delivery. Therefore, it is normal for the machine to be slightly damp or have water stains.

What should I do if this unit trapped on drainage outlet?

Don't worry, it's only temporary.It has a powerful ability to get out of trouble. In just three minutes, it can easily walk out of the trap on its own.(Note: Drain height less than 1.4")

How did it climb up the wall and clean the water line?

Its main motor drives a jet of water outward, giving the machine a reaction force that keeps it firmly attached to the wall. In this way, the machine can easily complete the task of cleaning the walls.

How effective is it at cleaning up microscopic debris?

It can filter out sand well because it has a 180um filter that can intercept most of the garbage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Randall Doepel

So far no problems my pool is 8 ft deep and this will still clean the walls to thetop

Pool robot

The osprey is easy to operate and has a long run time. Does a thorough job cleaning pool floor.

Mark Pettus

Working very well

Judi Roach
Wally the Robot

Received ahead of schedule. Works great. Does everything as stated. Got 2hr. run out of first time.Climbed onto our sunshelf and cleaned that.


Works great, time will be the test.